Reconnect. Lead. Transform.


Working on a Sustainable World : mindset, skills and collaboration.



Welcome to EKEKO

At EKEKO, we believe in a world where each of us has the power to shape the future with responsibility and leadership. Our mission is clear: to reconnect individuals to their leadership potential for creating a more responsible world.


Our Commitment

We are more than a company - we are agents of change. With decades of experience in development, communication, and leadership, we are committed to guiding you on your journey towards responsible leadership.


Reconnect, Rediscover, Reinvent

Our approach is based on the belief that authentic leadership emerges when we are aligned with our deepest values. We help you reconnect with your essence, rediscover your passions, and reinvent your approach to leadership.


A More Responsible World

At EKEKO, we believe that responsible leadership is the key to a sustainable future. By working on mindset, skills, and collaboration, we shape leaders who not only succeed in their respective fields but also contribute to a more responsible world.


Our Multicultural Expertise

With a rich international experience, we work in English, French, and Spanish to provide guidance tailored to your cultural and professional context.


Reconnect with Your Leadership

Whether you are an individual looking to maximize your impact or an organization eager to cultivate responsible leadership, EKEKO is here for you. Reconnect with your leadership, discover the power of personal change, and together, let's build a more responsible world.



How we can help you