Reconnect. Thrive. Flourish.


At EKEKO, we recognize that personal and professional well-being are intertwined, and that to thrive in one aspect often requires a holistic approach.


Our RECONNECT  program is designed to guide you through a transformative journey, fostering personal renewal and enhancing your professional effectiveness.


We will help you to :



Reconnect to your values



step by step




Why Choose EKEKO ?


Integrated Approach Proven Expertise:

  • We address both personal and professional aspects to ensure comprehensive well-being. With over 30 years of experience in communication and strategic project development, we bring a wealth of knowledge to guide your leadership growth.


Holistic Approach by Experienced Facilitators

  • Our team includes specialists in personal development, mindfulness, and career coaching and integrates various methodologies, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Systemic Organization Analysis, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored experience.


Passionate Partnership:

  • We are committed to your success, collaborating with you to overcome challenges, celebrate victories, and empower your leadership journey.


Personal Assessment and Vision Setting
  • Deep exploration of your personal and professional aspirations.
  • Vision-setting sessions to align your goals with your authentic self.
  • Identification of areas for personal growth and fulfillment.
Resilience Workshops
  • Practical sessions to cultivate mindfulness and resilience.
  • Techniques for managing stress, fostering mental clarity, and enhancing emotional intelligence.
  • Integration of mindfulness practices into daily life for sustained well-being.
Confidence Building
  • Boost your self-confidence as a leader.
  • Learn techniques to handle challenges with resilience.
  • Project confidence that inspires trust and loyalty.
  • Uncover and define your unique leadership style.
  • Align your leadership approach with your values and vision.
  • Project authenticity and inspire others through your leadership presence.


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Reconnect and Thrive program

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